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The Pacific Poke that you know and love was born out of humble beginnings. I was born and raised in the Vietnamese village of Hue, where our adventure began. We jumped on a fishing boat and spent the next 30 days braving the wild Asian waters until we arrived in Hong Kong. It was there where we set up base in our first refugee camp called Chi Ma Wan. It wasn’t the swankiest digs, but it’d have to do. We stayed for about a year then it was off to our second refugee camp in Bataan, Philippines. Still no room service, but things were looking up. After a year there, we migrated to northern California where I attended high school then joined the NAVY.
Stationed in San Diego, I instantly fell in love… with the city, of course. My military deployments brought me to the Persian Gulf, with a couple of stops in Hawaii, where my love affair with poke began.
In 2016, I said aloha to my corporate job and aloha to Pacific Poke. I married my two loves, San Diego and poke, right outside the same naval base that I had been stationed at years before.
Today, it’s the loving vibes of our customers and community that keep us thriving. And in return, we offer you the freshest ingredients in the legendary poke that I fell in love with back in the day. If it weren’t for the challenging journey from Vietnam, hard work, dedication, and support from all of you, Pacific Poke wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for all of your love and support!